National Academic Contact Point Ukraine

Ukrainian national flag waving in the wind
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The National Academic Contact Point Ukraine is an initiative of the DAAD in cooperation with the BMBF, the KMK, the science ministries of the German states, and the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany.

It is intended to serve as an initial orientation for Ukrainian students and academics in Germany’s higher education system so that they can continue their academic work or studies in safety as quickly as possible. The DAAD is responsible for implementing the Contact Point.

Information and advice

With this purpose this website bundles initial information on residence, life, study and research in Germany. In addition, within the framework of the Contact Point, the DAAD also offers direct consultations. However, this cannot and should not replace the counselling provided by the universities. Support offers and information from higher education institutions, foundations and other academic and science-related institutions are also presented on this website.

About the DAAD

The DAAD is the world’s largest funding organisation for cross-border academic cooperation and the international exchange of students and researchers. Its members are the German universities and student bodies.