Professional Network of Education and Science Managers of Ukraine

The network already includes participants and graduates of two projects with the support of DAAD – “Management of Internationalisation and German-Ukrainian Cooperation” (with Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany), THEA Ukraine and THEA – X (with FH Münster, Germany)

Higher education and research managers in Ukraine are uniting their forces to exchange and network nationally and internationally to build-up a  professional network for search the opportunities for the development of educational areas, research and other activities on national and international level.

With the support of 30 universities in Ukraine we have already registered an NGO and are working on network development. The main objectives of the network are to prepare professional managers and teams for the transformation of the science & innovation system of Ukraine to become an integral part of the European Higher Education (EHEA) & Area European Research Area (ERA).

The network is looking for international partners to support the development of a professional network.

If you want to join and support the network, already have information about useful resources, activities, participate in projects, want to expand the geography and involve managers from Ukraine in your projects, share professional experience, please fill out the form and join on social networks.

Support PNRM (professional network of research and HE managers of Ukraine) (

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