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  • Report: Conference "Education in times of war" in Berlin

    On 27-28 September 2023, the DAAD conference "Education in times of war: German-Ukrainian university cooperation between emergency aid and shaping the future" took place at the AXICA Forum in Berlin.

  • DESY: Ukrainian summer school for physics students

    The second DESY Ukrainian Summer School will take place in summer 2024 parallel to the DESY Summer Student Programme 2024. The school offers students from Ukrainian universities the opportunity to visit DESY and gain direct research experience in a large international laboratory.

  • Online course: How to apply for a PhD in Germany

    The course informs international researchers interested in a doctoral stay about the formal application requirements for a doctorate/doctoral funding in Germany and familiarises them with the German research landscape.

  • Report: Dhoch3 training course "Teaching foreign languages digitally - with sense, joy and understanding"

    With the Dhoch3 training course "Teaching foreign languages digitally - with sense, joy and understanding", which took place on the last weekend of October in Rzeszów, Poland - not far from the Ukrainian border - the DAAD was able to fulfil an important promise to its Ukrainian partners in the fields of German studies and German as a foreign language.

  • DAAD alumni meeting "Science in Exile"

    On 28.-29.07.2023, a meeting of DAAD alumni "Science in Exile" took place in Bonn.

  • Overview of Online Courses on the website of the German-Ukrainian Academic Society

    The German-Ukrainian Academic Society offers an overview of current online courses offered by various providers on relevant topics concerning Ukraine as well as on academic cooperation between Germany and Ukraine.




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