DAAD alumni meeting "Science in Exile"

On 28.-29.07.2023, a meeting of DAAD alumni “Science in Exile” took place in Bonn.

The event was attended by Ukrainian scholars working at universities and research institutions in Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Netherlands, as well as those who stayed in Ukraine. In addition to information about research programmes and the German research landscape, there were also presentations on the prospects of Ukrainian studies in Germany by Professor Alexander Wöll (University of Potsdam) and on Ukrainian science in exile before and after the Second World War by former DAAD scholarship holders Dr Olesia Lazarenko and Dr Kateryna Kobchenko. During the panel discussion, the participants shared their experience of interacting with the German academic system in the context of Russian war against Ukraine, their experience of maintaining interest in Ukraine and changing the perception of Ukraine in Germany, and maintaining contacts with Ukrainian universities from abroad.

The main conclusions are that staying connected and engaged is the most important thing for people in exile. Digital support is extremely useful in this context.
The presentations can be found on our website They will be available there for at least a month.




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