DAAD Climate Lecture Series

The DAAD is pleased to host the first public online lecture series within the frame of its four „Global Centres for Climate and Environment“.

The lectures are public and free of charge.
All interested parties are cordially invited to register

Professor Johan Rockström, Potsdam Institute
of Climate Impact Research
A safe and just future for humanity on earth
Language: English

Dr Lydia Olaka, University of Nairobi
Land degradation in savannahs and nature-based
solutions for restoration (tbd)
Language: English/Spanish

Professor Alberto Acosta, Former Minister of Energy
and Mines and former President of the Constituent Assembly
of Ecuador
Transition studies and post-development
Language: English/Spanish

MONDAY, 3 JUNE 2024 . 3 PM CET
Dr Tamara Avellan, University of Oulu
Do nature-based solutions allow for
sustainable water management?
Language: English/Spanish

Global Centres for Climate and Environment as well as for Health and Pandemic Prevention – DAAD

The video recordings of the lectures will be published on the following website

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