Accommodation and Living

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Are you looking for initial accommodation or longer-term living options? There are various offers available to refugees from Ukraine in Germany.

Initial accommodation

If you have just arrived from Ukraine, friends or relatives may provide you with living space – at least temporarily. If this is not the case, please contact first responders or the local foreign affairs authorities on site who can tell you where you can stay for the time being.

Many cities are now also organising private housing for refugees. There are, for example, various online platforms that match private offers with people looking for accommodation, e.g.:

Longer-term housing

If you are a student or a scientist and want to live in a certain city because you want to continue your studies or research there, the Studierendenwerke or the International Offices of the universities can help you.

In many cities, the student unions manage student dormitories, which are a good opportunity for many students to live during their studies. Many support services for Ukrainian academics also include help in finding accommodation.

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