Additional information for Ukrainian applicants

We would like to draw your attention to some changes in the application requirements for Ukrainian applicants that have been made in view of the war in Ukraine

1. Scholarship period in the programme “Study Scholarships – Master’s Programme for All Academic Subjects”: contrary to what is stated under general requirements, you can apply for a scholarship for the second academic year if you are already in the first academic year of a 2-year postgraduate or Master’s programme in Germany at the time of application.

Important: This regulation does not apply to the programme “ERP Study Scholarships for Graduate Students in Economics”. Therefore, if you are in the first year of a Master’s programme in the field of economics, please apply for the programme “Study Scholarships – Master’s Programme for All Scientific Subjects” instead of ERP.

2. All scholarship programmes: If you have come to Germany to study, you can apply even if you have already stayed in Germany for more than 15 months.

3. All scholarship programmes: Language certificates: If you are staying in Ukraine, you may not have the opportunity to take a language test. In this case, you can contact a DAAD lector responsible for your region, who will conduct an individual online interview for you and determine your language level. Before that, you need to start the application process, register on the application portal and fill in the application form for the desired scholarship programme. After receiving the language certificate, you can complete the application. Please note that test dates are limited, especially shortly before the application deadline, so please register for the interview as soon as possible. In Kyiv you can pass the onSET for German or English instead of online interview: information about registration (in Ukrainian).

In other countries, you can get official language certificates or write the quick test onSET first for a scholarship application.

Important: To apply to a German university, you need an official language certificate that meets the requirements of the university of your choice. A certificate issued by a lector is only valid for applications to the DAAD.

4. All scholarship programmes: As a Ukrainian, you do not need to submit a letter of recommendation if this is not possible.

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