Studying in Germany

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If you come from Ukraine and would like to start or continue your studies in Germany after your arrival, there are many things to consider. We would like to help you obtain the relevant information for your study plans.

General information

Regardless of your academic status, please read our general information on residency in Germany. The topics covered there (such as questions about accommodation and residence titles) are equally relevant for first-year students, students and graduates (persons who have already completed their undergraduate studies).

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Are you affected by the war in Ukraine and would like to study in Germany? The Digital Campus supports you with a variety of offers on your path to studying in Germany.


The German Higher Education System

There are various options for attending a university in Germany. Whether Bachelor's, Master's, state examination or doctorate: the range of study programmes and degrees in Germany is large. 


Subject Specific Information

More than 21,000 degree programmes are offered at German higher education institutions. Despite this differentiated variety of offers, there are special aspects in certain fields of study that need to be taken into account for international students and refugees.


Starting Your Studies in Germany

If you were not able to gain any study experience before leaving Ukraine, but now want to start studying in Germany, you will have many questions. We would like to give you a first overview of the topics that are relevant for you before you start your studies.


Continue Your Studies in Germany

Find here information on continuing your studies in Germany, recognition of study achievements and more.


Postgraduate Studies in Germany

If you have already completed an undergraduate degree programme, postgraduate studies may be the logical next step.


Learning German

Learning German is worthwhile. Find out where and how you can improve your German.



If you want to apply to study in Germany, the question of costs and financing options is important. To support you in this process, we would like to share the following information with you.